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[Using Forms in Sencha Touch] 센차터치에서 폼 사용하기 – (2014.06.09 번역됨)

원본글 : Using Forms 번역자 : 박정환 <dynamiczoe@gmail.com> Using Forms in Sencha Touch 센차터치에서 폼 사용하기   Most apps that require user input make use of forms. In Sencha Touch forms are a wrapper around normal HTML5 forms, with additional options for validating and submitting data, and provide an easy way to lay out fields(…)

[Using Views in Your Applications] 어플리케이션에서 보기 사용하기 -(2014.06.09번역됨)

원본글 :  Views 번역자 : 박정환 <dynamiczoe@gmail.com> Using Views in Your Applications 어플리케이션에서 보기 사용하기 From a user’s point of view, your application is simply a collection of views. Although much of the value of the app is in the Models and Controllers, users directly interact with the Views. In this guide we are going(…)

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