Leather is the hair removal and tanning and other physical, chemical processing of animal skins have been modified non-perishable. Leather is made of natural protein fiber in the three-dimensional space of tightly woven, its surface has a special grain layer, has the natural grain and gloss, feel comfortable.

There are many types of leather. According to use can be divided into: life with leather, defense with leather, industrial and agricultural use leather, culture, leather goods; According to tanning method is divided into: chrome tanning, vegetable tanning, chamois, aldehyde tanning and combination tanning, etc. In addition, it can be divided into light leather and leather. Commonly used in shoe, clothing, gloves and other leather, called light leather, according to the area measurement; With thick animal skins by vegetable tanning agent or combination tanning, used at the bottom of the shoes inside and outside and industrial accessories such as leather called heavy leather, measured by weight.

According to the level points: first layer leather and split leather, the first layer of leather with full grain leather and corrected grain. Split leather and split leather and pig and leather, etc. In the main categories of leather, cattle and sheep leather, leather surface flat thin, small eyes, Mao inner structure close tight, leather has a good sense of fullness and elasticity, good physical properties. Therefore, master cow leather and sheep leather is used commonly make high-grade products of leather, its price is higher in bulk leather category. The most important is beauty pillow brings warmth, if one day someone hold throw pillow away in the home, perhaps you will feel a sense of loss. Because it gives you not only the eyes of the ornament. When you are tired, put a pillow after the waist, can alleviate the tense of spine, dispel the body tired. Road, place a throw pillow under the legs, and gently ease the discomfort of the leg. When watching TV, hold throw pillow in the arms, a much a comfortable and pleasant. Hold you like, read a book, chat, listen to music, drink coffee, and even sleep, happiness immediately surrounded by you.